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validate your go to market reach product market fit professionalize your tooling align marketing & sales teams set your content strategy ignite demand & lead generation

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Mart Vissers, the owner of Scale My Marketing, has +10 years of fintech experience in different commercial roles (strategy, digital, marketing and growth) in different environments (startup / scale-up and enterprise) within the EMEA territory. With Scale My Marketing, Mart accelerates (fin)techs with a B2B SaaS focus to drive predictable growth by scaling and fueling their marketing departments!

Sweetspot customers are companies who
👉have a B2B SaaS offering and are between 20 and 200 FTE
👉have the ambition to grow, just before / after series A or B
👉have a small marketing department with a lack of experience
👉face complex(er) sales cycles

Customers describe Mart as knowledgeable, data driven, open, direct, energetic, pleasant to deal with and output driven. Mart uses a strategic mindset with a ‘getting things done’ mentality.

The following leading companies worked with Mart to unleash their growth!

Using a strategic framework to get things done.


corporate strategy

To define the purpose of your brand, your offering, your uniqueness and the BHAG

Go-to-market Strategy

To give a crystal clear answer on how you sell to who via which channels and why customers should bother

Content strategy

Connect your buying persona’s with the DMU and the buying journey to create a content stategy that resonates

Demand & Lead generation

A data driven approach to connect Account Based Marketing with your got-to-market and your content strategy 

Marketing & Sales alignment

A rock solid process how your team transforms a prospect into a customer and how your extended sales team is being enabled

Team & people & skills

No winning team without having A players or a sharp view about team growth and in/out house partnerships

The ultimate goal.

Driving predictability

Defining a great corporate strategy doesn’t make summer. Leveling all marketing competences are required in order to drive structurally, repeatably a predictable growth.

Companies who reach out to me facing corporate strategy obstacles, have often the following questions:

  • We have paying customers so I guess we realized problem / solution fit. How to move on?
  • I think I have a great product but would like to have help with product/market validation in my home market or abroad.
  • We don’t have any competitors but also don’t sell. What is missing?

Companies who reach out to me facing go-to-market obstacles, have often the following questions:

  • What is the best go-to-market strategy for my type of business?
  • Should I rely on partners or invest my capital in a direct sales channel?
  • What is the ideal customer profile for my company?
  • Who belong to the DMU and who are my buying persona’s?
  • What describes a champion?

Companies who reach out to me facing ccontent strategy obstacles, have often the following questions:

  • What are the needs of my DMU per phase in the buying journey?
  • What content type works out best to convert?
  • I don’t have writing skills. How can I produce high quality content quickly? 
  • How do I make sure all departments are using marketing content wisely?

Companies who reach out to me facing demand & lead generation obstacles, have often the following questions:

  • Our inbound marketing strategy doesn’t work. What is broken?
  • Sales executives only want to go to events. Is that still working?
  • What are my allowed Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)?
  • We use Linkedin Advertising. What is more available to do our paid marketing wiser?
  • How can we optimize demand & lead generation via owned and earned media?

Companies who reach out to me facing marketing & sales alignment obstacles, have often the following questions:

  • I still work with Excel lists. Can you help me with setting up a marketing technology framework ready for scaling?
  • Marketing and Sales don’t work together and only complain. Can you help me with aligning on segmentation, campaign management, qualification, handovers, process, KPI’s etc?
  • I use Hubspot, Outreach and Highspot, but I think I am not using those platforms in an optimal way…
  • How can I make sure my sales team is optimally being enabled by the Marketing team?
  • How can I test the knowledge of the sales executives? Do they really understand our value propositions and elevator pitch? 
  • How do I track the performance of the SDR and Sales team? 
  • Is there a smart way to track phone calls and to learn from conversations?

Companies who reach out to me facing team, people & skills obstacles, have often the following questions:

  • I want to attract funding. Can you help me with creating a ‘strategy deck’?
  • My current VP is lacking experience. Would you like to help him on the job?
  • What should a marketing team do? What roles should I set up?
  • We just merged / acquired. And I need help with internal&external communication and someone who can act as a commercial integration manager.

No success without marketing technology.

Leading SaaS tools

A modern marketing & sales approach requires a futureproof marketing technology stack. 

Especially COVID-19 pointed out the importance of making sure companies were able to drive a full digital sales process.  Not only for prospects and customers to facilitate a frictionless buying journey, but also for internal stakeholders such as sales executives, pre-sales, SDR’s, and marketeers to guide them in their daily work. And don’t forget the management team with detailed dashboards and accurate forecasts.

Account-Based Marketing is another discipline getting more and more attention from leading SaaS tools. Nowadays, there are plenty of tools available to leverage contact details, intent data,  predictable data or to scrape certain company data in order to refine your top tiers lists! 

Haven’t you heard from the tools listed below? Then I definitely would recommend drinking a coffee with me!

Let's Start working together.


There are many ways in how I can support your company. Convinced about the value I provide? Let’s drink a coffee to determine how we should work together!

Head of Marketing ad interim

A possible scenario when your current VP or Head of Marketing left the company. Or out of business during parental leave.  Or when you never had a Head of Marketing before…

Go to market / Strategic consultancy

A possible scenario when you are confident about the skillset of your current staff but would like to welcome an ‘outside-in’ view who is a daily sparring partner for the CEO, CCO, and VP Marketing.

Project / Program manager

Considering starting a digital transformation program, a complicated CRM migration, an acquisition or merger, or a review of your complete marketing technology stack? Then I also bring my project/program management skills to the table.