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About the owner

Mart Vissers, the owner of Scale My Marketing, has over a decade of experience in the dynamic tech landscape. With a background in strategy, digital, marketing, and growth initiatives, Mart has navigated the complexities of both startup and enterprise environments across the EMEA territory. At Scale My Marketing, Mart is dedicated to accelerating tech companies, especially those with a B2B SaaS focus. Mart offers strategic consultancy services and hands-on support within the Go-to-market and commercial domains, tailored to suit your unique needs.

Customers describe Mart as knowledgeable, data driven, open, direct, energetic, pleasant to deal with and output driven. Mart uses a strategic mindset with a ‘getting things done’ mentality.

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Delve into the art of corporate strategy, starting your course for growth. Navigate your go-to-market strategy, ensuring your market approach is strategic and impactful. Craft compelling narratives and engage your audience through a well-thought-out content strategy. Drive growth through demand and lead generation, capturing untapped potential in your market.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. I specialize in harmonizing marketing and sales, aligning both to function as a seamless, revenue-driving force. And throughout this transformative process, I emphasize the importance of technology usage and team collaboration.  Together, we unlock your B2B potential.

Corporate strategy
Go-to-market strategy
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Demand & Lead generation
Marketing & Sales alignment
Team, people & skills.
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Trusted from my clients


Paul Fellinger
Move Agency

Mart, our freelance strategic marketing consultant at Move Agency, expertly integrated marketing with corporate strategy, revamped our sales process, aligned customer intelligence, and crafted a clear Go-to-Market approach. Remarkably effective!

Merijn Olsthoorn
Blacksmith KYC

Mart supported Blacksmith KYC as a Strategic Marketing consultant and I really recommend his work. He combines his strategic perspective with a solid ‘getting things done’ attitude. He loves the challenge of a complex / technical context and is a great guy to work with!

Ron van der Burg

Mart was our a.i. VP Marketing at Servoy. Even without a formal handover, he quickly mastered the entire marketing landscape. His hands-on skills and leading multiple projects in Positioning, Go-to-Market, Marketing/Sales Tech, and Website Development boosted Servoy’s marketing maturity. Mart is an undeniably hard worker and has a great balance in self-execution vs external resource usage. His friendly nature and experience suit any B2B marketing role well.

Charles Boutens

Mart has the power to combine a strategic mindset with a getting things done mentality! He made the complex “go to Market puzzle” for us easy to consume, by dividing it in building blocks that we solved together. I would recommend him to all scale-ups out there who aim to secure product/market fit and need a fresh, structured and actionable marketing approach! Great guy to have in your team!