My areas of Expertise

At Scale My Marketing, I harness a six-step strategic framework to steer your business toward success. What truly distinguishes me is my profound expertise and hands-on implementation of top-tier SaaS tools, supporting your team at every phase of your journey.

1. Corporate Strategy

Define your brand’s purpose, offerings, and uniqueness with precision. Craft a compelling Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) that sets you apart. Let’s strategize to unlock your brand’s potential and propel it toward a future of extraordinary achievements.

Pain points I solve

“We have paying customers so I guess we realized problem / solution fit. How to move on?”

“We think we have a great product but we would like to validate our value proposition in different markets “

“We don’t have any competitors but also don’t sell. What is missing?”

2. go-to-market strategy

I illuminate the path to effective sales by providing clarity on how to sell, to whom, via optimized channels. Discover the ‘why’ that makes your customers eager to engage. Let’s craft your successful market entry and growth strategy, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Pain points I solve

“What is the best go-to-market strategy for my type of business?”

“Should I rely on partners or invest my capital in a direct sales channel?”

“What describes a champion?”

“Who belongs to the DMU and who are my buying persona’s?

“What is the ideal customer profile for my company?”

Pain points I solve

“I don’t have writing skills in my company. How can we produce high quality content quickly?”

“What content type works out best to convert?”

“What are the needs of my DMU per phase in the buying journey?”

“What content type works out best to convert?”

“How do I make sure all departments are using marketing content wisely?”


3.Content strategy

Uncover the power of connecting buyer personas with the Decision Making Unit and the buying journey. We craft content strategies that deeply resonate, engaging your audience at every stage and guiding them towards meaningful connections and conversions.

4. Demand & Lead Generation

Ignite your growth with strategic lead nurturing and targeted demand creation. We leverage data-driven insights and optimize channels to drive quality leads. Let’s propel your business forward, ensuring your pipeline is robust and primed for success.

Pain points I solve

“Our inbound marketing strategy doesn’t work. What is broken?”

“How can we optimize demand & lead generation via owned and earned media?”

“We use Linkedin Advertising. What is more available to do our paid marketing wiser?”

What are my allowed Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)?

“Sales executives only want to go to events. Is that still working?”

Pain points I solve

“We still work with Excel lists. Can you help us with setting up a marketing technology framework ready for scaling?”

“We use Hubspot, Outreach and Highspot, but I think I am not using those platforms in an optimal way”

“Is there a smart way to track phone calls and to learn from conversations?”

“How can I make sure my sales team is optimally being enabled by the Marketing team?”

“How can I test the knowledge of the sales executives? Do they really understand our value propositions and elevator pitch?”

“How do I track the performance of the SDR and Sales team?”


“Marketing and Sales don’t work together and only complain. Can you help me with aligning on segmentation, campaign management, qualification, handovers, process, KPI’s etc?”

5. Marketing & Sales alignment

Streamline your operations with seamless sales processes, precise lead scoring, and strategic technology integration. We optimize KPIs, qualifications, and methodology, ensuring a cohesive approach that maximizes revenue. Let’s align your marketing and sales for an efficient, high-performing revenue engine.

6. Team & people and skills

Craft clear career paths, foster T-shaped marketers, and cultivate A-players. I empower your workforce, ensuring growth, adaptability, and a team that thrives in the dynamic landscape of modern marketing. Let’s build a powerhouse team together.

Pain points I solve

” My current VP is lacking experience. Would you like to help him on the job?”

” What should a marketing team do? What roles should I set up?”

“We want to attract funding. Can you help me with creating a ‘strategy deck’?”

“We just have been merged. And we need help with internal and external communication and someone who can act as a commercial integration manager”

Trusted from my clients


Paul Fellinger
Move Agency

Mart, our freelance strategic marketing consultant at Move Agency, expertly integrated marketing with corporate strategy, revamped our sales process, aligned customer intelligence, and crafted a clear Go-to-Market approach. Remarkably effective!

Merijn Olsthoorn
Blacksmith KYC

Mart supported Blacksmith KYC as a Strategic Marketing consultant and I really recommend his work. He combines his strategic perspective with a solid ‘getting things done’ attitude. He loves the challenge of a complex / technical context and is a great guy to work with!

Ron van der Burg

Mart was our a.i. VP Marketing at Servoy. Even without a formal handover, he quickly mastered the entire marketing landscape. His hands-on skills and leading multiple projects in Positioning, Go-to-Market, Marketing/Sales Tech, and Website Development boosted Servoy’s marketing maturity. Mart is an undeniably hard worker and has a great balance in self-execution vs external resource usage. His friendly nature and experience suit any B2B marketing role well.

Charles Boutens

Mart has the power to combine a strategic mindset with a getting things done mentality! He made the complex “go to Market puzzle” for us easy to consume, by dividing it in building blocks that we solved together. I would recommend him to all scale-ups out there who aim to secure product/market fit and need a fresh, structured and actionable marketing approach! Great guy to have in your team!

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